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Why Shopping Local Matters

Why Shopping Local Matters

     Think about all the things we so often take for granted about our local communities: the stellar schools, good roads, amazing restaurants, the adorable boutique on the square, weekly farmers markets, etc. 

     Now try to imagine what your community would be like if the funds weren't there to maintain the schools and roads. Imagine if local chefs, restauranteurs, boutique owners, farmers and the like couldn't stay in business. That would be pretty terrible, right? 

     When you support the small, locally-owned businesses in your community, you are keeping more money in your neighborhood. In fact, for every $100 you spend at locally-owned businesses, $68 stays in your community! That's $25 more than if you spent that same $100 at a national chain, all going into making your community everything you know it can be.

     When you spend the money you worked so hard to earn with local makers, curators and artisans, it goes to your neighbors, working just as hard to put food on their table, caring just as much about making your community everything it can be; it's their home, too, after all.

     If you've ever been to The Boho Market you know how fun it is getting to know the makers, curators and artisans of the items you're about to purchase. Hearing stories of how they started, their processes and more about their life makes the products you're buying that much more special. Who knows, you may just find another community you care about. 

     So, the next time you need a new outfit, fruits and veggies, shampoo and conditioner or really anything else and you're headed toward your go-to national chain, stop and think if your community (and your hard-earned money) is worth finding Local Goods from Local Folks™ instead.